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The Symphony

Nothing but stillness all around,
A void of all that stirs;
Silence as the world has stopped,
The darkness it has incurred.

A slit of gold breaks the silence,
The trumpet resounds its pitch;
The tranquility has been broken,
Resonance rings strong and rich.

The rays of light sing out aloud,
As a bow flowing over the strings;
They bid the day good morning,
All consumed by outstretched wings.

The colors of sound are renewing,
Deaf ears can see the notes;
They reverberate the sleeping soul,
A palette of music they denote.

Life lifts its head with eyes aglow,
They gaze upon the score;
The crescendo is not far away,
Like waves crashing onto shore.

The birds sing out with fervor,
Joining the stage at second chair;
While beside them sit the flora,
Flutelike colors waft the air.

The gongs crash true to tone,
As the sun breaks free of land;
The drums of life now beating,
As the conductor lowers his hands.


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I look in the mirror and see fog,
dense and laden with burden;
There seems to be no end,
Falling on my mind as a curtain.

Faces come and go in the veil,
Glimpses of grey and black;
I’ve known and dreamt of them,
Haunting vision calling me back.

Breaking free is not an option,
Threads wound to tightly be;
Pulling me back to the passion,
Summoning me always to thee.

Images touching me softly now,
Gaining their strength on my will;
Faded memories of another time,
Calling me back, needing to fulfill.

No response I find in the mirror,
Just silence and a cold blank stare;
Why the torture of this vision,
When nothing back to me it shares.

I can not look upon the mirror,
The face beyond is sweet torment;
I beg one day the fog will lift,
And the face reveal its true intent.

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I am

I am blue jeans and leather; I am silk and cashmere,
I am sleep in till noon; I am up at 5:00 am,
I am not Ivy League, but I am genuine,
I am candle light and filet; I am picnic table and sandwiches,
I am hard as nails; I am soft as cotton,
I am a quiet book; I am a scary movie,
I am confident; I am unsure,
I am speed and adrenaline; I am a rocker on the porch,
I am mountains and mist; I am city and lights,
I am symphony; I am banjos,
I am easy to please; I am hard to anger,
I am a dreamer, and I have dreams,
I am creative; I am easily inspired,
I am feelings; I am a wall,
I am protective; I am an open book,
I am a giver, not a taker,
I am responsible; I am foolish,
I am young at heart; I am childish,
I am rain and blankets; I am sun and shades,
I am quiet, and I know how to listen,
I am family; I am friends,
I am a lover, not a fighter,
I am open arms; I am open heart
I am steel and chrome; I am wood and stone
I am patient
I am me; I am yours

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(I know the punctuation is hidious…just trying to see if I can write dialogue comfortably into a short scene)

“Okay, your turn” Jenny said as she fumbled through the CD cases.
stretched out on the floor, Edward twirled a pencil with expert precision through his fingertips. “Picture this. Uncle Thomas, half-tanked on whiskey and wearing Mom’s Santa hat, standing on the back of the sofa getting ready to ‘swan dive’ onto the coffee table!”
“No way! Did he actually do it?”
“Yes, he did!” “And broke two ribs in the process”
Jenny fell back on the floor laughing. Holding her side from the pain of giggling she landed just inches away from Edward. “Don’t you miss those holiday get together’s? All the fun and mayhem. My Mom used to bake for days and days. The house would fill with the smell of cinnamon. Oh! And going to pick out the Christmas tree, that was so much fun. Did your family get a real tree?” she asked catching the scent of his aftershave and grinning to herself.
Their arms brushed as he turned on his side to face her. “Sometimes, but mostly we used the old fake one that has been around for so many years, I can’t even remember. You’re beautiful Jenny.” He blurted out without a second thought.
Feeling the sting of heat welling in her face, she looked up at him. She knew this day was coming and now, here it was. Gazing into his dark eyes she said tenderly “I love you Edward”.
“I think it is about time we started our own holiday traditions” “Don’t you?” he whispered. Slowing moving forward, he placed his hand on the back of her neck and kissed her softly.

(Okay, lay it on me, how bad was that? Besides being completely cheesy!)

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