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Was that a cat I heard
It could be coming from the alley way
Almost sounds like a woman screaming
Must be a cat

Such a sweet little girl
Her blonde ringlets bouncing so
Are those bruises on her arm just there
No, must be mud

So much black that boy wears
Those things in his face must be painful
Eyes black as night shine red like fire
Must be the pollen

That man is so dirty
Those clothes surely need a good washing
Why is he holding that cup towards me
He must be mistaken

How can a car be so stuffed
That family must be moving to a new place
There are only two tires on that car
They must be moving

Gracious, that lady is so thin
I wish I could be that same size
There sure is a lot of food on her plate
Must be a model

Those children are sleeping
What a cute teddy bear she is holding
It must be cooler in the backseat of that car
It must be cooler

The storm is really blowing now
He’ll be home in time for dessert, I’m sure
I can’t hear my show for that noisy fire whistle
They must be joking


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No one cares.

Anger builds over time,
Too young to know why;
Not willing to listen,
Does not care to try.

Wanting only their way,
Who needs useless rules;
Defiance comes easy,
Who is really the fool.

No one understands,
Closed minds and ears;
Ever shaking their fists,
Simply causing more fear.

No where to run,
Never making a plan;
Rage now takes over,
Flames fueled by the fan.

Into their sanctuary,
With a slam of the door;
Kicking over a table,
Trophies smash to the floor.

Throwing in the CD,
Louder and louder it plays;
The music takes over,
Mind now in a haze.

Reaching under the mattress,
The bottle still there;
Pills fill up the mouth,
Let them come if they dare.

The room is now still,
Just the sound of the song;
Another child has been lost,
What could have gone wrong?

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