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Standing on the stool stirring the cookie dough.

Drawing the face on the pumpkin to carve.

Ripping open the first present under the tree.

Blowing out the birthday candles.

Clipping playing cards to your bicycle frame with wooden cloths pins and taking off.

Sitting in front of a fan with a friend saying silly things in funny voices.

Connecting the top of the orange hot wheels track to the dinning room table and letting em fly.

Sneaking up, and kicking the can as hard as you can, releasing your friends from captivity.

Taking your mother’s sheets and blankets and turning your room into a secret hideaway.

Pumping that BB gun one last time with all your might.

Sitting on the floor with your best friend with Barbie doll cloths as far as the eye can see.

Looking over the top of your red Battle Ship holder willing the location of their destroyer into your brain.

Walking through the neighborhood in 8 inches of snow to the bus stop, and taking part in the biggest snowball battle in the history of the neighborhood.

Chasing Lightening Bugs around the back yard with a mason jar in one hand and a gold lid in the other.

The entire family sitting down for a home cooked meal in the evening with everyone talking and laughing.

Friday nights at the skating rink.

Playing Monopoly for four hours.

Having a sleepover at your house with 10 of your closest friends.

Being the fastest at Pong in your family.

Sitting in the middle of the street marking out the hopskip lines.

Laying on the floor reading the funnies on Sunday afternoon.

Remembering back to when your Mother, your Father, your two brothers and you, were actually a family.


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The morning dew glistening in the sun,
Revealing small webs of life;
The chilly air requires a long soft robe,
Coffee slicing my webs like a knife.

Bacon fumes wafting past my nose,
Inviting me to sweet sustenance;
Feeling my way through sleepy eyes,
To reveal the bounty abundance.

Walking out on the covered porch,
Fingertips brushing the hand hewn log;
I gaze longingly at the mountains,
Watching the slow dance of the fog.

Sitting in the old rocking chair,
Warm coffee cupped in hand;
I spot a small group of deer,
Lazily meandering through the land.

Warm slippers envelop my feet,
As the little dogs go for my lap;
The big dog sniffs the morning air,
And the cat curls in the sun to nap.

Thoughts turn to the two-wheeled steed,
Parked in the barn for the winter;
It never stops calling to me,
The sun and wind it wants to splinter.

The warmth gives way to a wind,
And the glorious snow starts to fall;
Gigantic flakes of shining crystals,
Slowly drifting down covering all.

I hear the screen door open,
A familiar voice cuts the air;
A hand clasps mine from behind,
As we both settle down in the chairs.

Sounds of crackling from the fire,
The smell of wood makes me smile;
Another perfect day has begun,
My favorite things again compiled.

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Peace and quiet

Looking out in the distance,
The path seems to blur;
Where land meets the sky,
I can not be sure.

A thick blanket of white,
Untouched and pristine;
Laid out like a carpet,
Not a step to be seen.

As if a million diamonds,
All glistening with light;
The snow dances with sparkles,
Such a wondrous sight.

Standing proud and tall,
And lined up in rows;
Branches leaning outward,
Touching tips in a bow.

I walk under the canopy,
All about is so calm;
No wind blows the pines,
The needles making no song.

A lone snowflake falls,
I am transfixed by its flight;
Sheer beauty in motion,
No more beautiful a sight.

It looks cold up ahead,
With the absence of color;
Mittens warm on my hands,
My breath will they hover.

My steps make a sound,
The only sound I hear;
Crunching through the white,
It tickles my ears.

I am completely enchanted,
By the peace and the quiet;
The solitude beckons,
A beaming ray of light.

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