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Standing on the stool stirring the cookie dough.

Drawing the face on the pumpkin to carve.

Ripping open the first present under the tree.

Blowing out the birthday candles.

Clipping playing cards to your bicycle frame with wooden cloths pins and taking off.

Sitting in front of a fan with a friend saying silly things in funny voices.

Connecting the top of the orange hot wheels track to the dinning room table and letting em fly.

Sneaking up, and kicking the can as hard as you can, releasing your friends from captivity.

Taking your mother’s sheets and blankets and turning your room into a secret hideaway.

Pumping that BB gun one last time with all your might.

Sitting on the floor with your best friend with Barbie doll cloths as far as the eye can see.

Looking over the top of your red Battle Ship holder willing the location of their destroyer into your brain.

Walking through the neighborhood in 8 inches of snow to the bus stop, and taking part in the biggest snowball battle in the history of the neighborhood.

Chasing Lightening Bugs around the back yard with a mason jar in one hand and a gold lid in the other.

The entire family sitting down for a home cooked meal in the evening with everyone talking and laughing.

Friday nights at the skating rink.

Playing Monopoly for four hours.

Having a sleepover at your house with 10 of your closest friends.

Being the fastest at Pong in your family.

Sitting in the middle of the street marking out the hopskip lines.

Laying on the floor reading the funnies on Sunday afternoon.

Remembering back to when your Mother, your Father, your two brothers and you, were actually a family.


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Was that a cat I heard
It could be coming from the alley way
Almost sounds like a woman screaming
Must be a cat

Such a sweet little girl
Her blonde ringlets bouncing so
Are those bruises on her arm just there
No, must be mud

So much black that boy wears
Those things in his face must be painful
Eyes black as night shine red like fire
Must be the pollen

That man is so dirty
Those clothes surely need a good washing
Why is he holding that cup towards me
He must be mistaken

How can a car be so stuffed
That family must be moving to a new place
There are only two tires on that car
They must be moving

Gracious, that lady is so thin
I wish I could be that same size
There sure is a lot of food on her plate
Must be a model

Those children are sleeping
What a cute teddy bear she is holding
It must be cooler in the backseat of that car
It must be cooler

The storm is really blowing now
He’ll be home in time for dessert, I’m sure
I can’t hear my show for that noisy fire whistle
They must be joking

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I am currently working on a collection of poetry to send in for publication. There is not a related theme, just various subjects. I was thinking of calling the collection either…I See in Rhyme or Rhyme Me a River. What do you think? Too corny?

Or, maybe it is just to early to start thinking about that. LOL!

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One day; today

Sun shines; I’m awake.

Warm water; I’m clean.

Cold cereal; I’m full.

Blue shirt; I’m dressed.

Full tank; I’m driving.

Type that; I’m working.

Open door; I’m home.

Pork chops; I’m cooking.

Dirty clothes; I’m cleaning.

Change channel; I’m resting.

Your touch; I’m grateful.

Another day; I’m blessed.

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When you woke up this morning, what was the first thought that popped into your mind?

Was it:

Did I actually set the coffee pot last night?
What DID I do last night?
Why do I only have one eyebrow?
Only 10 more hours and I can get a good ride in on the bike.
Who is THAT?
Bacon or sausage?
Why is the room spinning?
I don’t remember this quilt?
Man, what a night last night.
I am so freakin happy.
I love watching her sleep.
I gotta pee.

Or was it more along the lines of:

Did I pay that bill?
Damn this meeting is gonna suck.
Gotta get the kids to soccer on time today.
Butter, eggs, milk, bread, what else do I need to pick up?
How I am going to make $10.00 last until Friday?
If I don’t get that report done, they are gonna fire me.
They must have turned the electric off again.
I wonder if she is still mad at me.
Why did I yell at the kids like that last night?
I hope the car starts this morning.
There is no way I can get her that dress she wants for her birthday this year.
Are they going to foreclose on the house today?
How did we get into this mess?

Or maybe you thought something like this:

I wish I had a blanket.
Will someone talk to me today?
I just don’t know how I can take it anymore?
Maybe I can find something to eat today.
Everyone hates me. I just know it.
No one will ever miss me.
I had to do it.
I need some more stuff bad.
Why me?
Just one more step and it will all be over…I can jump, I know I can.
God, please help me.

So, what WAS the first thought that popped into YOUR mind when you woke up this morning?

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