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The morning dew glistening in the sun,
Revealing small webs of life;
The chilly air requires a long soft robe,
Coffee slicing my webs like a knife.

Bacon fumes wafting past my nose,
Inviting me to sweet sustenance;
Feeling my way through sleepy eyes,
To reveal the bounty abundance.

Walking out on the covered porch,
Fingertips brushing the hand hewn log;
I gaze longingly at the mountains,
Watching the slow dance of the fog.

Sitting in the old rocking chair,
Warm coffee cupped in hand;
I spot a small group of deer,
Lazily meandering through the land.

Warm slippers envelop my feet,
As the little dogs go for my lap;
The big dog sniffs the morning air,
And the cat curls in the sun to nap.

Thoughts turn to the two-wheeled steed,
Parked in the barn for the winter;
It never stops calling to me,
The sun and wind it wants to splinter.

The warmth gives way to a wind,
And the glorious snow starts to fall;
Gigantic flakes of shining crystals,
Slowly drifting down covering all.

I hear the screen door open,
A familiar voice cuts the air;
A hand clasps mine from behind,
As we both settle down in the chairs.

Sounds of crackling from the fire,
The smell of wood makes me smile;
Another perfect day has begun,
My favorite things again compiled.


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