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Days have turned to night,

And nights jerked to day;

Black has changed to white,

White to dismal gray.


Water stings like shot,

Paralyzing skin;

Vicious wind bites through,

Reaching bone within.


Senses dulled from hurt,

Far before the rain;

Welcome the relief,

Wash away the stain.


Standing tall and still,

Looking up; eyes closed;

Drown the haunting thoughts,

Fresh, and still exposed.


Arms outstretched defied,

Warning strengths abound;

Tears burn paths of warmth;

Hope has just been found.


Lightening strikes swift,

Daring faith to stand;

Laughter roars out strong,

Meaning has been fanned.


Clouds of doubt disband,

Rain gives way to sun;

Eyes look straight ahead,

Time to mourn is done.


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My guiding light

I saw a light shining
A pinpoint of gold
A mere speck of brilliance
Floating within my mind’s eye
Was it a thought about to come to me
Maybe an idea of grandeur
I think perhaps I shall follow
Skip along to see where it leads
It makes me happy
I feel all glad inside because of it
Is it here for a purpose
To lead me in the right direction
Doubt unfolds into purpose
Negativity fades away
I am fulfilled
My aura shines bright blue
Warmth radiates out from every pore
Reaching beyond the cold darkness
The tempest within has been subdued
My mind raging no longer
I see the first stepping stone before me
Illuminated by my guiding light of hope.

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