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I have walked this road many times,
Pebbles grinding under my feet;
Looking down I keep wondering on,
My gaze never leaving the street.

A flicker of white catches my eye,
Set square in the middle of stone;
A small inviting wooden gate,
Seeming but lost and all alone.

I cannot see my vision is blocked,
By an abundance of blooming roses;
The air is filled with their sweet perfume,
As behind me the little gate closes.

My eyes are ablaze with brilliant color,
Springing up from the ground below;
Someone has taken great time and care,
For such beauty to be able to grow.

Before me stands a storybook cottage,
Made from stone and wood of green;
My heart skips a beat as I take a breath,
I have been here before in my dreams.

At path’s end sits a single chair,
A place set for thinking and solace;
I shall sit down here a short while,
And drink in all the sheer calmness.

Who dwells in this magnificent place?
An answer I will certainly inquire;
For I have fallen earnestly in love,
With this little cottage in the shire.


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Pots of joy

I sit here alone,
And wait for the sun;
Another day beckons,
Full of fun, fun, fun, fun.

She will come out today,
With a big bag of dirt;
All spotless and perfect,
Till it spills on her shirt.

Oh, here she comes,
With her tools all in hand;
To create something special,
never boring or bland.

Dipping into the bag,
She starts filling me up;
Scooping time and again,
Filling me up, up, up, up.

What is this she is doing?
A small hole she now makes;
Reaching around to her side,
A small flower she takes.

Such a wonderous sight,
With the colors of morning;
It will be hard to wait,
To see the pedals adorning.

She puts in the flower,
And dirt clear to the top;
I am so full or joy,
I could hop, hop, hop, hop.

The little flower is thirsty,
It droops in the heat;
She sprinkles down water,
So the small flower can eat.

A spot on the porch,
She picks just for me;
So all that pass by,
My little flower they see.

My flower has bloomed,
And beckons all to enjoy;
I sit proudly with others,
Pots of joy, joy, joy, joy.

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