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Would you?

Would you hold my hand without me asking?
Would you kiss me without a thought?
Would you whisper to me softly?
Would you say your sorry if we fought?

Would you swim across the ocean for me?
Would you start a fire if I were cold?
Would you take the world from off my shoulders?
Would you stay with me when I’m old?

Would you walk through life beside me?
Would you ask me if I’d like to dance?
Would you touch my face so softly?
Would you shower me with romance?

Would you stand beside me always?
Would you stay when life gets tough?
Would you talk to me for hours?
Would you make me tremble from your touch?

Would you call me for no reason?
Would you always be my friend?
Would you give your life for mine?
Would you be there til the end?

Would you come back if I asked you?
Would you forgive me if I was wrong?
Would you trust me with your life?
Will you be here before long?


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I have walked this road many times,
Pebbles grinding under my feet;
Looking down I keep wondering on,
My gaze never leaving the street.

A flicker of white catches my eye,
Set square in the middle of stone;
A small inviting wooden gate,
Seeming but lost and all alone.

I cannot see my vision is blocked,
By an abundance of blooming roses;
The air is filled with their sweet perfume,
As behind me the little gate closes.

My eyes are ablaze with brilliant color,
Springing up from the ground below;
Someone has taken great time and care,
For such beauty to be able to grow.

Before me stands a storybook cottage,
Made from stone and wood of green;
My heart skips a beat as I take a breath,
I have been here before in my dreams.

At path’s end sits a single chair,
A place set for thinking and solace;
I shall sit down here a short while,
And drink in all the sheer calmness.

Who dwells in this magnificent place?
An answer I will certainly inquire;
For I have fallen earnestly in love,
With this little cottage in the shire.

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