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No one cares.

Anger builds over time,
Too young to know why;
Not willing to listen,
Does not care to try.

Wanting only their way,
Who needs useless rules;
Defiance comes easy,
Who is really the fool.

No one understands,
Closed minds and ears;
Ever shaking their fists,
Simply causing more fear.

No where to run,
Never making a plan;
Rage now takes over,
Flames fueled by the fan.

Into their sanctuary,
With a slam of the door;
Kicking over a table,
Trophies smash to the floor.

Throwing in the CD,
Louder and louder it plays;
The music takes over,
Mind now in a haze.

Reaching under the mattress,
The bottle still there;
Pills fill up the mouth,
Let them come if they dare.

The room is now still,
Just the sound of the song;
Another child has been lost,
What could have gone wrong?


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