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The Symphony

Nothing but stillness all around,
A void of all that stirs;
Silence as the world has stopped,
The darkness it has incurred.

A slit of gold breaks the silence,
The trumpet resounds its pitch;
The tranquility has been broken,
Resonance rings strong and rich.

The rays of light sing out aloud,
As a bow flowing over the strings;
They bid the day good morning,
All consumed by outstretched wings.

The colors of sound are renewing,
Deaf ears can see the notes;
They reverberate the sleeping soul,
A palette of music they denote.

Life lifts its head with eyes aglow,
They gaze upon the score;
The crescendo is not far away,
Like waves crashing onto shore.

The birds sing out with fervor,
Joining the stage at second chair;
While beside them sit the flora,
Flutelike colors waft the air.

The gongs crash true to tone,
As the sun breaks free of land;
The drums of life now beating,
As the conductor lowers his hands.


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I look in the mirror and see fog,
dense and laden with burden;
There seems to be no end,
Falling on my mind as a curtain.

Faces come and go in the veil,
Glimpses of grey and black;
I’ve known and dreamt of them,
Haunting vision calling me back.

Breaking free is not an option,
Threads wound to tightly be;
Pulling me back to the passion,
Summoning me always to thee.

Images touching me softly now,
Gaining their strength on my will;
Faded memories of another time,
Calling me back, needing to fulfill.

No response I find in the mirror,
Just silence and a cold blank stare;
Why the torture of this vision,
When nothing back to me it shares.

I can not look upon the mirror,
The face beyond is sweet torment;
I beg one day the fog will lift,
And the face reveal its true intent.

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